Collection of Booklists, Pop-Up Uniform Shop and Installing SkoolBag App

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Hoping you have enjoyed a wonderful start to the new year.

We wish to advise that on Wednesday the 30th of January, the school will be open for the collection of stationary / booklists from Ziggies Education Supplies from 2.30pm – 4.00pm in Tangney Hall. At this time we will have new Uniforms from our previous supplier, available for you to purchase, in a range of sizes, albeit stocks are limited. The garments will be sold at a reduced price.

Due to all communications from February 4th 2019 to parents going out on the SkoolBag App and School Website, we strongly encourage you all to take the time now to ensure you are signed up to both, in order to not miss any important information we will be circulating.

SKOOLBAG APP (We have included a few links as they give further information in case you experience any problems when installing the App).

The new SkoolBag app is here. Are your details up-to-date? Please follow this link and update your details via the new app installation instructions:

A reminder that you will need to update your Child’s Class.

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Getting started with the SkoolBag App:
How to locate the features in the new SkoolBag app:

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We look forward to welcoming you all back to school on Monday the 4th of February!

Freshwater Bay Focus Issue 35 18 October 2018

Dear Parents

Deputy Director General visits Freshwater Bay to witness our Professional Learning Approach.

Stephen Baxter was interested in our innovative approach to Professional Learning and wanted to come to our school to witness it for himself. Throughout his career Steve has championed innovative ideas that result in better outcomes for students. He came to our school on Wednesday 17 Oct and participated in our groups. This was a great compliment and recognition to our staff who work hard to be the best teachers they can be.

Our staff engage in professional learning throughout the school year. Our philosophy is for us to constantly challenging ourselves, individually and collectively to be the most effective teachers and team of teachers we can be. We read professional texts and meet regularly to share what we have learnt and work with each other to see it happen in classrooms.


Last week the Year 6 students were away on camp in Bridgetown. I want to express my deep gratitude and thanks to our whole Year 5/6 staff Shane, Jenny, Scott, Bronwyn and Kim. We are very fortunate to have outstanding teachers in our school who have brought out the very best in our Year 6 students. The Year 6 students grew in confidence and skill throughout the week. I believe what they have learnt about themselves, their friends and classmates will have made them better people and our school will be the richer for what they will now share with us all. As a school community we would be rightfully be very proud of them.

The positive energy that exuded every day and in every activity resulted in a brilliant camp. There were many things that I noted on the camp that had a real impact on the students. Of them, two had a profound effect and it has been noticeable this week at school. The first was the importance of inclusion and how important it was for all the students to feel that everyone was included. It was very noticeable that students would go out of their way to ensure that no one was left on their own. There was a wonderful collective spirit that revolved around all students having an opportunity to be part of what was going on. The outcome was all students gained a great deal from every experience that was offered on camp.

The group was a larger group but this did not prevent them for engaging in every activity with great gusto and enthusiasm. The care and nurture of the animals was a real highlight. As a collective group their attention to listening and doing in this area was something to behold. Also as a group they were supportive of each other and their encouragement of every student was a credit to them. Many students were challenged by some activities and were noticeably uncomfortable about doing them. They had some reluctance participating, however they all rose to the challenges they faced and had a go. We saw this as having a profound impact on many of the students. Some students really struggled, but with the resilience, they showed they did their best learning. The deeper aspect was ‘What was learnt?’; Real persistence and honesty with yourself results in real inner confidence and a strong sense of achievement which an individual can be proud. I hope this will stay with them as a life skill, for they will then embrace every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Student Leadership

The Freshwater Bay Primary School community encourages student leadership in all its forms. Leadership in many forms provides students with the opportunity to develop skills to be responsible and innovative decision makers. Leadership enables students to develop their skills in managing their own personal and academic wellbeing, as well as others around them.

I ran a workshop with the year 5 students on “What does being a leader really mean?” I was impressed how engaged the students were and their understanding of what being a leader really means and what it looks like and sounds like to others.

We have started the process of selecting our student leadership team for 2019. Formal membership of the Student Leadership Team is reserved for students who have displayed leadership and appropriate values and virtues over their time at Freshwater Bay. Students holding leadership roles in the school will receive leadership training to enable them to be able to fulfill the requirements of the role.

Formal leadership roles are not something for all students as some prefer a low key role and take on other leadership roles in the school for example we have 5 year 6 students who have gone to the Kindy or the pre-primary every week to set up the equipment for the students and teachers. We have others who have engaged in running charity events and others who organise events and support the junior students. We are focused on every Year 6 student having a legacy of contributing to this great school.


Saturday 10th of November we’re celebrating our 125th Year Anniversary of our school.

It’s hard to believe our original little school, The Claremont School in 1893, was just one room, with one teacher, Miss Brown and her 40 pupils. Only 3 walls of the original building remain today. 125 years later, Freshy is highly regarded for our amazing community and academic record, with 480 students and 45 dedicated teachers and staff. Come and help celebrate at a special cocktail party on November 10th. All profits will go to our school sustainability plan for new solar panels.

Come and join us from 7pm – Midnight on the grounds of Freshwater Bay Primary and help celebrate this monumental achievement. Tickets are $55 each and can be purchased at

The ticket price includes a delicious grazing table and all entertainment, there will be a cash bar on the night. Dress code is cocktail. Come and be part of this fun night.

Freshy Christmas Sundowner Friday December 7th from 5-8pm

Please save the date for our end of year School Sundowner. It is a wonderful opportunity for the whole Freshwater Bay community, parents, teachers and children, to come together in a relaxed environment and celebrate the end of the school year. There will be a silent disco for the kids to enjoy, a pizza van for dinner and much, much more. We look forward to seeing you all there.


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