Thank you for considering Freshwater Bay Primary School. We understand that finding the right school for your child is crucial and we invite you to visit us to find out more about our programs, people and facilities.


We are a school that always welcomes new students; however due to the high demand for places at the school, the Department of Education has designated Freshwater Bay as a local intake area school and priority is given to children who reside within the boundaries of the school. Please refer to our boundary map for more information on the local intake area.


Here at Freshwater Bay Primary, we run a 3 day per week, 2 day per week, alternating terms Kindy. So if your child attends Kindy beginning of the week, they would enjoy Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday for terms 1 & 3 and Monday and Tuesday for terms 2 & 4. If your child attends Kindy end of the week, they would attend Thursday and Friday in Terms 1 & 3 and Wednesday, Thursday & Friday for terms 2 & 4. This format has been overwhelmingly supported by our parents. 

Please click on the below to download the enrolment forms: 


 2021 Parent Handbook Ready, Set, Go