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Listening, singing, playing and moving to music are active ways of learning music at Freshwater Bay PS. Self-expression through movement and creating music is inspired and encouraged.

The elements of music, beat, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, form, harmony and timbre and texture are all explored and students are given the opportunity to discover music of different genres and cultures. We have a wonderful resourced music room. Students develop basic keyboard and percussion playing skills and also begin to learn the ukulele in year 3.



Our Freshie Choir is made of a group of enthusiastic students in years 3-6. We rehearse before school on Tuesdays for Yr 5 & 6 students and Thursday morning for Yr 3 & 4 students. If your child loves to sing, we invite them to join the Freshwater Bay Primary School Choir.


We have some exciting performance opportunities coming up in term, both at school and in the community. The biggest and most memorable performance is the “One Big Voice” at the RAC Arena. This is an awesome evening with 4000 children singing together.


To continue to enhance your child’s musical ability and to make our choir great, we invite students in years 3-6 to join.



The Instrumental Music School Services provides free lessons in violin, cello and trumpet. Children are chosen for this program after completing a standardised aural test. Teachers come to the school to give group lessons. Lessons in violin begin in year 3, cello in year 4 and trumpet in year 5. This amazing scholarship provides lessons up to year 10 in a government school.



Lessons in piano, guitar and drums are available upon request. The company, “On the Run Music” provides these private lessons. Further information is available at the office or contact, "On the Run Music" by clicking here.

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